on April 29th a few days after my first vaccination, I became infected with covid-19. Fever, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, isolation. Mild symptoms mingled with fear of death and anxiety - it's hard to explain how it feels.

In my project named Transition I deal with my own Covid infection but it is not only my story: the slow recovering and the feeling of a post-covid life is a shared experience  

middle world


my grandpa was born with six fingers and my family says I should not endow this with meaning: shamans existed only in the distant past, now around us there is only one God.
Or maybe more. As we shape our own religious belief system with rules and practices we create our own world around us.

In my project Middle World I deal with private rites and bricollage religiosity. I examine how Christian and pagan practices are mixed in individual belief systems in today's Hungary, where connection with nature also plays a central role.